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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Del Toro likem fantasy.

Guillermo del Toro is a fantastic director. Make no mistake. And after breaking into the mainstream after Blade II and Hellboy, he has a whole smorgesboard of projects to keep him happy and slake his lust for all things invariably weird, wonderful, and intrinsically fucked-up. The latest to add to his growing list is Killing on Carnival Row, involving a serial killer offing faeries in a seedy world with vampires and elves aplenty, is no exception. Hopefully he'll be able to squeeze Hellboy II: The Golden Army into all of this, make good on Halo rumours, and be home in time to have Pan's Labyrinth ready for October because it looks like one hell of a show.

i like your template, so i used the link to "blogger templates". i think i will be using one of them. btw, do u like sushi and rice that much?

I can honestly type I've never tried sushi, and rice is just rice, so it doesn't hold much appeal. It does however rhyme with my name. Hope you get a good template, took me ages to figure a half-decent one.

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