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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Baz gets back to work.

It's a been long five years since Baz Luhrmann wowed audiences with Moulin Rouge! (I too was wowed, but not as hysterically as some) and it can only be a good thing that he's finally settled down, aborted his attempt to make an alternative Alexander The Great movie, and set to work on his 'Austrailian Gone with the Wind'. Frankly, I've always thought that while Luhrmann's pictures have largely -if not exclusively- revolved around love stories, some parts inevitably fire blanks and to call his films slightly 'girlie' wouldn't be an overstatement. That said I'm still excited to see what he can pull out of the bag, primarily because of the presence of screenwriter Stuart Beattie (the man responsible for the rather excellent Collateral) and also leads Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe; neither of whom have really been given a chance to shine recently. Discounting Cinderella Man and Kidman's increasingly large forehead, of course.

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