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Monday, November 06, 2006 

My Filmspotting mention!!

Holy cow -- wasn't expecting this. I was little behind -ok, nearly a month- on my Filmspotting fixes but oh! to my surprise when my favourite hosts Adam & Van Sam read an email from "Samuel" (that's me) in response to their Departed review. Filmspotting's one of, if not the, best film podcasts out there - though wasn't it more fun when it was called Cinecast?- so I'm a little bit chuffed to hear my amateurish criticisms broadcast.

And yeah, it sounds dumb that "good entertainment doesn't have to make sense." but I'm sticking to my guns, guys! As I feverishly type on 6th November, I lament the fact this gushy blog could've been thrust upon my non-existent readership 25th October.

The link's here and feel free to gasp in awe at around the thirtieth minute. And if you're not a regular subscriber to the Crackspotting phenomena, ask yourself: why the devil not?

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